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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 15:48

Costa Rica Fashion Week 2018: Perspectives of Fashion

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Costa Rica Fashion Week (CRFW) consisted of parades that took the in­dustry by storm. With it's unique and powerful designs, each designer left you wanting to see more.

The first parade night featured 14 graduates from the National Institute of Learning showing creative commercialized clothes. Designer Aurinko, featured swimwear. Red Point by Dada presented pajamas, boxers, and accessories. The designer Eddie Abarca showed a daring proposal of ac­cessories. The young Noelia Solano, a specialist in textiles, presented her collection. Then the Nicaraguan Designer, Harry Garay, closed the night.

The second day included emerging designers: Elsa Dominguez with jackets, Hubert Lamb with swimsuits, and the Kaori collection by de­signers Cristel Prendas and Melissa Hidalgo. Gerardo Jimenez presented his brand "Abraxas" a line of shirts where spring colors evolve to the platinum colors of night. Designer Kassadra Farrier, with her extensive experience in Europe, presented her collection. "Perseven Perfecto" by designer Alonso Vargas showed his casual line. The evening closed with the exquisite collection of Mexican Designer Abimael Trejo.

During the third day, the Endorphina School of designer Priscilla Col­lado presented. Students showed varied proposals from casual to cocktail wear. Then Priscilla showed her Wewe Sport brand. We could also see franchise brands, such as Fusion, with footwear and other leather goods. Timberland and Ekono combined well. The Sastreria Scagletti, with al­most 100 years of tradition, showed both casual and formal dresses. The graduation of 18 young designers coming from the technical education of Costa Rica closed the afternoon.

Then designers Miguel Araya and Luci Arroyo presented Sifho, based on the jellyfish of Costa Rica's seas. Lucia Echeverria presented a collection of jewelry and accessories for brides. Rebeca Fernandez was applauded for her collection Human, designed for all sexes and races. Then came the Cos­ta Rican based in New York: Giovanni Sanchez with his delicate dresses.

Then the Diversity Parade that calls attention to the equality of rights for the LGTBI community that is about to achieve Equal Marriage. The Panamanian Designer Luis Alexis Miranda presented gala dresses. The Mexican designer Aline Moreno closed the night with his designs com­bining the rock world with religious themes. Designer Antonio Salazar Nicaraguan, and his brand Luxus, presented a fresh and colorful collec­tion. Marcela Ribera presented a fine collection for brides and two mini­malist masculine outfits. Then the Panamanian Designer Rolando Torres presented a beautiful collection in white lace.

Later on, Jewelry Designer Hazel Gonzalez presented a collection based on whale sightings. He has received recognition at Birmingham Eng­land Fashion Week, Las Vegas and Miami. Then Bolivian Designer Daniel Rua presented us with a sports-casual look. The National School Creative Shop of the Dean of Fashion closed the evening with Designer Sonia Chang. CRFW 2018 closed with designer Jose Victor Lopez from Guatemala with his high fashion gowns.

Now we look forward to CRFW 2019! Start planning your trip to Costa Rica and see fashion as you've never seen it before.

Article by Juan Jose Jimendez Granados, MSc
Director of Costa Rica Fashion Week and Fashion Editor

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