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Photographer|Michael McCabe, Model|Sinead Ennis, Fashion|Target Location|New York at NYFW Sept 2019


Name: Sinead Ennis
Social Media: IG: @margaret_ennis


Where do you call home?
Boston Massachusetts is my home where I live with my parents and older brother and sister and my dog Stanley.

What is your passion?
My passions are modeling and acting and basketball in the winter.

What do you do for work?
I love playing basketball and modeling. I also enjoy acting and skateboarding.

What does a typical day look like?
On a normal school day I will go to my school where I am in 5th grade. This is where I will socialize with my friends and after I will work on homework. After I will have basketball and family dinner.

What is your beauty philosophy?
My beauty philosophy is that less is more, like makeup. Everyone is beautiful as they are. You don’t need to cover up who you are, except for Halloween, then that’s the fun part.

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