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Sunday, 31 January 2021 19:12

A Wise Old Soul with a Fresh Young Spirit - City Winery

Written by Karen Holly Berliner
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A Wise Old Soul with a Fresh Young Spirit - City Winery - Hudson Valley

by Karen Holly Berliner

Located in Mid-Hudson Valley in upstate New York, at the historic Montgomery Mills property on Factory Street, this winery is part of a successful chain and the very the first non-urban site for City Winery (with currently venue locations in New York City, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

Helmed by Michael Dorf, the founder of New York City’s popular Knitting Factory nightclub, the chain is a favorite for wine lovers who are seeking the feel, sights, scents and sounds of a traditional winery in the heart of a big city. This unexpected venue upstate delights, with 22 acres along a sparkling river with a waterfall, generating electricity with hydropower, with acreage dedicated to grape vine grapes. Formally a longstanding industrial grist mill erected in 1813, this winery is the perfect one stop setting as a perfectly orchestrated mixed-use development, including a restaurant, a tasting room, and a sprawling venue for weddings and events. Be charmed by the historic details from the property’s industrial past, as the property is adorned with hanging framed photos made from repurposed wood planks from the mill’s frames, aged hardwood, from bare sand-blasted joists to tan-brown lacquered floors. Old yarn processing machines decorate the winery as well as other whimsical details, paying homage to its past with dignity and restored themes.

Fifteen wines are available by the glass via the winery’s custom and eco-

conscious tap system, developed by Chief Winemaker David Lecomte. At the Barrel Room restaurant, multi-level outdoor patios overlook the Wallkill River. Its menu features Mediterranean-influenced foods, such as flatbreads, charcuterie, and cheese, with signature dishes like risotto balls, duck tacos and gourmet burgers. Sunday brunch is also served. Guests can order wine on tap or from a thoughtfully curated wine list as well as four to five reserve wines.

Through double doors from the restaurant and tasting room, the main event space opens to 6,800 square feet. It’s located near the gallery, which treats guests to views of the fermentation tanks on the grounds, keeping to the historical ambience.

In addition to dining and drinking, City Winery plans to become a one-stop venue for musical performances in the Hudson Valley. Like with its other locations throughout the country, it looks forward to welcoming live music to both its indoor main stage and outdoor amphitheater. The vines border a big green field, beside the Wallkill River, where musical acts, such as folk and indie rock bands, will play free concerts on a fully wired stone stage.

A bridal barn allows for a romantic, post nuptial; a 1920s barn converted to a bridal loft with two guest room apartments on the bottom floor.  In 2021, the winery will finalize its all-in-one experience with a 13-room conference center and hotel.

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Why not?

Bring home a bottle or two of City

Winery wine and sit by the fireplace


Whether it's at a wintry wilderness campsite or your living room hearth, there’s nothing like a crackling fire to warm the soul. You want a fire that's easy to build, quick to take and long-lasting. Here's a handy refresher on starting a dependable flame. The only materials needed for fire are tinder, kindling, fuel, two wine glasses and a fabulous bottle of wine, and yes love sweet love.

1.   Start with newspaper topped by kindling. The amount of paper depends on the dryness of the kindling on hand--the drier the kindling, the less paper needed.

2.  Pin the paper down with a dozen or so pieces of kindling.  Ideally, kindling should be placed on and behind the newspaper so that the air reaches it quickly where it's lit.

3. When the flames from the kindling begin to subside, add several larger pieces of firewood in a teepee formation, which doesn't smother the flames.





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