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Muria Nisbett

Occupation: Autopsy Technician and Social Work Graduate student.

muria2Q. How did you learn about entering our Gladys Magazine Model Contest?
muria1A. I learned about the Gladys Magazine contests from a friend on Facebook who asked me to vote for her daughter in the Dream Star contest.

Q. What was your experience like on your photo shoot for Gladys?
A. My experience on my Gladys photoshoot was nothing short of amazing. The photographer was great and very professional. My daughter had the pleasure of being a Gladys Girl as well and we used the same photographer and on both occasions he was fabulous and professional.

Q. What 3 adjectives best describe you and why?
Creative- because I love to create beauty around me and I enjoy finding creative ways to spend every day of my life. I especially love to create art, music and poetry.
Determined- because failure is not an option and I am always determined to make my dreams a reality regardless of obstacles.
Strong- because I have accomplished so much in my life even in the face of adversity, and I have pushed through challenging circumstances in which others would have quit. There is nothing I cannot do and I refuse to let anything stop me from achieving my dreams.

Favorite Quote: "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser" - John W. Gardner

Jonathon Ridgely (JonathanRPhoto.com)
Hair & Makeup: Beatriz Cains
Lighting Tech: Craig Fones

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